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The App Approved team reviews different iPad and iPhone apps to determine which apps they consider “approved” to be included on our list of the best apps around. Junky apps will not appear on this site.

iPad and iPhone owners are quite aware of the sheer volume of apps released on any given day. Instead of becoming an encyclopedia of apps (there are plenty of sites like this), we have hand selected apps that we have used day in and day out. There are so many apps currently available we don’t want to bombard you with so many you can barely keep up.

iPade App StoreWe release several app reviews a week for your consideration. Many apps are now universal so when we review them we will review both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app. Sometimes there are fairly significant differences between them.

As you may know there are far more games than regular apps on the app store, but we will try to keep our reviews as balanced as possible between game apps and other apps (productivity, entertainment, etc.).

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