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  • Whatever Happened with AirPrint Printers?

    Whatever Happened with AirPrint Printers?

    Remember when AirPrint came out and everyone was so excited because they could print from their iPad and iPhone directly without needing a computer? Remember how disappointed we were when we found out Apple had commissioned HP to create the 5 lone AirPrint printers with this capability? Then Apple told us “no sharing” your printer…

  • Use your iPad to store all of your photos without a computer

    There are plenty of articles about taking and editing photos on the iPhone and iPad, but not many on how to store all of your photos using just your iPad. iCloud is great, Flickr is great, but what about the millions of photos and videos I have at home? I don’t want to upload every…

  • iPad Shopping App Guide

    It seems as if more and more people are doing their shopping online this year, and recent reports by some major retailers indicate that many are shopping on an iPad. Safari is a great web browser, but to really get the best iPad experience you need to shop with an official store app. These apps…

  • About App Approved Guides

    The app approved guides will be both collections of apps that we recommend for a particular topic, or actual guides on how to use particular apps, hints, tips, etc. We will let you know once we post our first guide.