Use your iPad to store all of your photos without a computer

There are plenty of articles about taking and editing photos on the iPhone and iPad, but not many on how to store all of your photos using just your iPad.

iCloud is great, Flickr is great, but what about the millions of photos and videos I have at home? I don’t want to upload every single photo I’ve ever taken to the cloud. I have a USB hard drive, but unless I have an always on computer with that drive plugged into it, I have no access to my local photos. It seems to me that Apple has a terrific hardware opportunity here, but they didn’t make anything.

So over the next couple of weeks I will show you how I made a simple to set up and install iPad-only system for your home. You will be able to use just your iPad to import your photos from your camera, then send them to a local hard drive and optionally upload them to a cloud service, no home computer necessary.

I’ll be looking at several different ways to do this, so check back for updates.