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  • What are your favorite iPad and iPhone apps?

    It’s about time for us to hear your comments. We want to know what iPad and iPhone apps you think are the best. Let us know in the comments and we may put them in our list (after we check them out of course).

  • About App Approved Guides

    The app approved guides will be both collections of apps that we recommend for a particular topic, or actual guides on how to use particular apps, hints, tips, etc. We will let you know once we post our first guide.

  • What We Won’t Cover

    We won’t be reviewing any hardware or system updates to iOS since there are plenty of sites out there that do a great job at that. We also won’t be reviewing any non-iOS apps (Android, OSX), so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that. Also, we won’t be covering non-approved apps. In other words if…

  • App Approved – Finding the Best iPad and iPhone Apps

    Well here we are and we hope that in the future you will find that we consistently pick the best apps around. We have started with a couple of our favorites to get started. Instead of creating another encyclopedia, we have decided to choose the best that we actually use regularly to review and recommend as “app…