Flipboard Rocks!

FlipboardFlipboard is the first app to fully realize the “magazine” aspect of the iPad. It quite simply just works. You don’t need to buy a subscription to some magazine you don’t read, it just takes your twitter feed, facebook friends, RSS, and more and put it nicely into a magazine format for you to read, watch or listen to. This is the gold standard for all magazine like reading apps. You can just as easily add this blog to it as you could techcrunch.com or stumbleupon.com, cnet.com, or any number people you follow on Twitter.

FlipboardThere are many ways to customize it. You can use your Google Reader tags to customize Flipboard into different categories, or you can use your Twitter lists if you prefer reading your news that way.

The latest thing Flipboard offers is a new account system where you can have your Flipboard layout sync with other devices you own.

Flipboard has been rated as Apple’s App of the year for 2010 and was included in the top 50 innovations of the year for 2010 by Time magazine. Not that it needs any more accolades, but consider this one app approved.

[xrr rating=5/5]