Monsters Inc. Run Into Fun on iPhone and iPad

Monsters Inc. Run is a level-based platform game by Disney Interactive. Great graphics on both iPhone and the iPad along with excellent background music make it an excellent choice for both children and parents. There are plenty of power-ups, saves, gadgets, and even different teams to purchase along the way. As you progress through each level you level up and get coins and bucks that you can use at the store to make your purchases.

At the beginning you play as Mike and Sulley, once you reach different levels you will be able to play as different Monsters Inc. monsters. As with most freemium games you can buy-pass the level requirement for items in the store by using bucks.

Overall this is an entertaining game if you just want to pick up and go. It’s casual style and points system work great, and for a free game you can’t really go wrong. Monsters Inc. Run is highly recommended.

Monsters Inc. Run upgrade your profile

After each level you gain experience points which you can use to upgrade your profile.

Monsters Inc. Run switch between characters

Switch between Mike and Sulley in-game. Each have their own power-ups and strengths.

Monsters Inc. Run share your progress online

When you finish a level you can share your progress via social networks/email.

Monsters Inc. Run get all three stars

After each level attempt to get all 3 stars for a perfect score.

Monsters Inc. Run in game tutorials help you progress

The tutorial screens keep you informed of new techniques as your progress through the game.

Monsters Inc. Run Sulley can destroy blocks

Sulley’s powers include the ability to destroy certain blocks.

Monsters Inc. Run Mike and Sulley are just the beginning

Mike and Sulley are just the beginning of Monsters Inc. Run, unlock new characters as you advance in experience.

[xrr rating=5/5]