Notability Note-taking Extreme

Notability Note

Ginger Labs hit it out of the park with Notability. This app fills a great need for note taking software. Many times when taking notes I wish I could go back to hear exactly what the speaker was saying. Sometimes I might be thinking about what I’m having for lunch or some other unimportant detail of life and I miss what’s being said. That is the biggest selling point of notability, it records while you’re taking notes, and tracks what you are typing while the audio is being recorded. When you click the portion of your notes you want to hear what was being said at that time and it automatically starts playing from that point.

Right now this app is number one on the iTunes Paid App Store and for good reason. It’s been out for over a year, but recently it got a bump due to price cuts and new features like exporting and importing from the cloud.

Another top feature of this app is it’s handwriting ability. Instead of just writing actual size, notability allows you to zoom in first, handwrite in zoomed mode, then zoom out when you’re done. This allows you to provide very fine handwriting or handwritten details to a note.

Photo imports, annotation, pen and paper themes, and much more result in some of the best looking notes you can take on an iPad. There is really no other straight note-taking app in the app store that compares to the quality of this app. It is highly recommended and has become my go-to app when taking notes. If this app was not on sale I would still highly recommend it for the money. App approved.

[xrr rating=5/5]