Splicing a new pixel people

Pixel People – Making People a Test Tube at a Time

Utopia Home of the Pixel PeopleWell it appears that the future has arrived to the city of Utopia in this far out game published by Chillingo. Pixel People is one of those build forever type of games. Your goal is to splice genetic material to create different types of people that will work in Utopia. For example if you splice a Sheriff with a Landscaper you end up with a Park Ranger. I know you figured that’s what would happen didn’t you? Figuring out what you end up with is one of the fun parts of the game. When a person is created a package comes up on the screen that must be cut open by swiping with your finger and your person is introduced.

The game has 150 different combinations of people that can be spliced together. Blank people arrive waiting to undergo the splicing procedure at the Arrival Center in the center of town. As you create new combinations you will be able build new buildings, decorations, and your city will establish new features. For example if you fill up a

Splicing a new pixel people

building with workers, and you have a bank you will make twice as much money. So each building and occupation can work together to create more abilities.

The game borrows heavily from Tiny Tower not just in graphic presentation and music, but in many of it’s mechanics. It’s not a copy by any means, but if you like Tiny Tower you will love Pixel People as well.

The good news is it’s free, the bad news is it’s a freemium game so if you want to go places fast, you’ll need to pay up with real money.

[xrr rating=5/5]