Week in Apple: Steve Jobs bio review, iTunes Match, and iOS 5.0.1

Why did Steve Jobs cry so much? What’s the deal with the iOS 5.0.1 update? How does iTunes Match work? How did Siri’s protocol get reverse-engineered? These questions and more were all answered in our most popular Apple posts of the week. If you need to catch up, you’re in the right place. 

Why Steve Jobs cried: Jobs cried over everything from the length of the Apple II’s warranty to the iMac’s CD drive to the famous “1984” TV ad. What do the tears tell us about the man?

Apple launches iTunes Match: music hoarders need not apply: iTunes Match is now available to sync your entire iTunes library to iCloud for $25 a year. If you have more than 25,000 tracks, though, you’re currently out of luck.

iTunes Match: your questions answered: Apple’s iTunes Match has launched, but the $25/year service isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. We dug around to find answers to some of the most common questions.

iOS 5.0.1 update causing contact, WiFi headaches for some users (Updated): Apple’s first update to iOS 5, designed to fix a few bugs, may have introduced a handful of new ones.

Mac OS X has its own sandbox security hole: Mac OS X appears to have at least one potential security flaw in its current implementation, and researchers are criticizing Apple for essentially ignoring the problem.

How Applidium reverse engineered Siri’s protocol: A mobile application development firm has reverse engineered the underlying network protocol used for SIri’s speech recognition capabilities. We take a look at how it was done and what it could mean for third-party Siri client implementations.

Hands on with the iPhone Micro USB plug and third-party chargers: Apple’s European Micro USB adapter lets the iPhone charge from any Micro USB charger. So, we decided to test how fast it could charge an iPhone 4 using various chargers, and here are the results.

Unlocked iPhone 4S now for sale as Sprint locks down its own iPhones: If you’ve been waiting for the unlocked iPhone 4S to be available from Apple’s online store, today’s your day. Meanwhile, Sprint appears to be making good on its promise to begin SIM-locking the iPhones it sells.

Apple now replacing original iPod nanos due to overheating batteries: Apple has already agreed to replace overheating iPod nanos in Japan and Korea, but now its replacement program is being extended to cover the rest of us too. If you’re a first-generation iPod nano owner, you may want to apply for a replacement.

Steve Jobs wanted iPhone on its own network, carrier-free: When Steve Jobs first dreamed up the iPhone with his team at Apple, he didn’t want it to run on ATT’s network. He wanted to create his own network.

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