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  • Angry Birds wipes floor with other iPhone apps – TNT Magazine

    Telegraph.co.ukAngry Birds wipes floor with other iPhone appsTNT MagazineNow the phrase is synonomous with the iPhone to the point the game has become its most popu The popular app, seen on a Tube near you, topped the chart for paid-for iPhone apps bou…

  • Infinity Blade 2 Comes Out Tomorrow

    We figure this is big news. It’s going to be ready at midnight on December 1st. There will be a link below when it’s ready. This is a flagship game for the iPad and iPhone and will certainly be number one right away.     [appext 447689011]

  • The Cleanest Gator in the Sewer: Where’s My Water?

    Help swampy the hygienic aligator that lives beneath the city get clean. Cranky and the other gators don’t appreciate his cleanliness and are attempting to sabotage the water system to swampy’s bathtub. This game will be a huge hit with the kids. A simple physics puzzler with a very gradual difficulty incline. As they say…